This privacy policy explains what happens to any personal data you provide to us. The type of personal data we collect includes: Data about our pupils and their families. This will include name, address and contact details of the pupil and relevant family members. We will collect information about your child so we know where your child is best placed. We collect Heath and medical information (such as allergies) or learning support information, provided by you so we know what treatment to administer (if any) and if your child might need additional support in the class. We use your child's date of birth for the class, competitions etc. We use your email address provided which we assume consent to use it for administrative purposes such as invoicing and emailing newsletters and forms. Your mobile number is used to let you know if fees are due or overdue and for contacting you in case of emergencies. DATA ABOUT THE PUPIL We will take photographs and videos in class, at show time, workshops and competitions. We do not do this to share what services BSPA provide and for existing customers and potential customers to see what we do in class. It also a way to celebrate individual achievements and successes. We also use these photographs for advertising material. We will not post these on social media or in newspapers without permission. Consent for this will be sought when a pupil joins BSPA or signs up for a summer school or workshop. We will keep it on record while they are with us. Consent can be withdrawn at any time , please let us know in writing. Sometimes we. Any need to share pupil information with other organisations such as competition organisers etc. We do not pass on your child's personal details to any third party without your written permission. When we record and use personal data, we only collect and use what we need. We will keep it securely in a locked filing cabinet which is only accessible to BSPA admin staff. We will not keep personal data for longer than necessary. YOUR RIGHTS AND ACCESSING YOUR OWN DATA You have the right to ask for a copy of any of your personal data held at BSPA(where such data is held) on payment of a small fee which will not exceed more than £10( the statutory maximum) OUR DATA IS COLLECTED BY: Post Paper Forms Digital Forms Email Secure online Forms