• Pupils should be punctual at all times and ready to commence their lesson at given times.

  • Pupils must be correctly attired for each class. Uniform and ballet shoes must be neat and clean. All clothing should be labelled with child's name.

  • Hair must be neat at all times and worn in a bun at all ballet classes and preferably no fringe.

  • Pupils are discouraged from being absent except in cases of illness.

  • Pupils must treat premises with respect and remove any rubbish at the end of each session.

  • Parents are asked to give one months notice in writing when withdrawing a child as there is often a waiting list for classes.

  • Any child may be considered to be part of our competition team or elite classes but this decision will be made by the director and her decision will be final and is not questionable.

  • BSPA encourages an environment where mutual respect, understanding and support prevails.